Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Virtual Volumes and Dokan

It has been a holy grail for many years now and it is very close. The ability to assign a drive letter to your linux filesystems under Windows.

I am doing some final tests on my first release of Virtual Volumes which includes support for Dokan. Dokan is the Windows equivalent of FUSE under Linux. This means you can implement a filesystem in a userspace application.

There are some knows issues but my Windows XP install test was successful and I am currently doing some large file testing. If all goes well I might get a beta version released this weekend.


  1. Any news about Virtual Volumes. I'm looking for a driver that would provide ext2/3/4 access from Windows to my Linux partitions. I'm using ext2fsd right now, but there has been no development since a year. I say there is a version 0.7 available. Should I try it on Windows 8 64bit?

  2. Hi,

    The main hurdle before I can release a test version is getting around Windows 7 Driver Signing. I expect that the only solution is to purchase a certificate which is a problem ATM.

    If you are happy to use windows driver signing test mode then it should be working on Windows 7. I will try and get my test package published.

    I have not looked at windows 8 yet. The cynic in me expects that MS have changed things and it will no longer work but we will have to wait and see on that one.



  3. Hello, John.

    I also interested in testing Virtual Volumes under test signing mode in Windows 8.

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