Saturday, February 23, 2013

Puppet tip

I have a custom puppet type called iptables. Not surprisingly it is used to build iptables rules.

Recently I was setting up a router which required MASQUERADING a few virtual network interfaces. I found that the module was lacking the ability to negate a match. For example I wanted a rule:
-A FORWARD ! -s -i vnet -j DROP

It seemed like a simple task to add in the ability to insert the !. After all it is mostly just string manipulation.

My puppet setup already has pluginsync enabled and working so I though deploying my changes would be easy too.

I managed to make my changes (even though ruby is quite a foreign language to me). When I ran puppet I could see the changes being pulled down to the client but alas, it did not work correctly.

I checked with several web pages which try to explain how easy it is to add new properties and everything I was doing was correct.

After wasting hours tinkering in the ruby code I had the idea to restart the puppet master and bang, it started working.

Seems so obvious in hindsight.


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