Monday, September 9, 2013

Using xorg without a mouse

I always like it when I learn something new. Particularly when I read something one the web which turn out to work.

I wanted to find a way to move the mouse cursor without a mouse. I can actually do this with my lirc based remote but I have a new wireless keyboard for my linux 'TV' and I wanted to have a way to use that too.

A google search turned up an interesting page which suggested the has this functionality built in and to my surprise it worked. It even had instructions for keyboards without a numeric keypad (like mine). Apparently "MouseKeys" and "PlotMode" has always been a feature in and XFree86.

I must be in PlotMode at the moment which is quite slow. I will have to practice enabling Accelerated mode <Fn><Alt><Shift><Num Lock> should be the key I need.


  1. I managed to get the acceleration working by installing xkbset
    xkbset ma 60 10 10 5 2

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