Friday, November 1, 2013

XBMC on CentOS 6

After years of putting it off I have finally taken the plunge into XBMC.

My plan is to hook it up as a front end for the Digital ORB pvr.

RpmFusion have packages for XBMC version 11 for CentOS 6. This is a good start as many of the audio & video packages from RpmForge (which I am sure most CentOS 6 users have) are too old for XBMC.

Unfortunately there is no package for XBMC version 12 which apparently has much better pvr support. The bug database entry suggested that it would be relatively easy to fix... and it was

So now I have a relatively stable base to start my integration. Lets hope that I get it working before XBMC version 13 comes out and changes everything again.

If you want to run XBMC yourself, you will need my xbmc and taglib packages from and any dependencies from rpmfusion and epel.

You can also get the Digital ORB from my downloads directory. It does come with instructions but has not been widely tested yet. Stay tuned.


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