Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FIPS integrity verification test failed.

After installing the updates for CentOS-6.6, my box started showing this warning when I run ssh:

FIPS integrity verification test failed.

I did not enable FIPS and don't much want it.
There are two ways to turn FIPS off. First option is to remove /etc/system-fips
rm -f /etc/system-fips
Second is to uninstall dracut-fips (which is the package which owns /etc/system-fips).
rpm --erase dracut-fips
The down side of this is that the package might come back. Something obviously caused it to be installed in the first place though I don't know what. There don't seem to be any rpm dependencies.


  1. Thanks for the tip to turn this off -- that message has been annoying me!

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