Friday, February 1, 2013

Telstra error message

Recently I phoned my parents and I got an unusual error. It was a recorded voice message saying 'S3MA 1 4'.

Now that seemed a bit cryptic to me so I though I would write it down and look up what it means. It played a few times while I was writing it down and then to my surprise, Dad answered the phone.

Clearly something weird going on in the bowels of the phone exchange. Google did not have much to say on the topic so I put the word out to a contact who work at Telstra.

Apparently it is uncommon so it was hard to find but they concluded that it means 'Not connected to network'. Exactly what is not connected I don't know but I guess it became connected and then the call went through.

Some further research shows that S3MA is the name of Signalling Point ISPC Code 5-012-1 which is operated by PowerTel. That does not tell me much either.
but I guess the connection between the two telcos was offline for a short period. Once they were reconnected, the call was placed. This probably happens all the time and no one notices.


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